Frequently Asked Questions

Upon registration, we will collect a 2-session deposit. The deposit ensures smooth operations and fairness for all. It helps manage resources and prevents disruptions from late payments. Rest assured; the deposit is refundable in the form of sessions (not cash).

The fee helps cover administrative and material costs and secures your spot in the class. Rest assured, it’s a standard practice and contributes to a seamless experience for everyone involved.

We encourage all children to bring their portfolio bags and sketching books with them (provided after signup). Other than this, all materials are provided by our studio.

We conduct classes on a weekly basis. Upon request, you can also attend class multiple times a week.

We stand out by hiring practicing and professional fine artists who bring real-world expertise and passion to every class, providing a conducive learning experience that inspires creativity and growth.

Yes, we follow a carefully crafted curriculum that covers fundamental techniques and creative exploration tailored to each student’s needs.

We introduce our students to a diverse range of mediums for artistic expression, including drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed media, and more. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive learning experience that fosters creativity and exploration across various art forms.

Yes, upon request, you may switch to a different medium after completing a minimum of four sessions. Please provide prior notice. Additionally, for our oil course, there will be an adjustment in the fee due to the higher cost of materials.

Yes, you may upon prior notice.

Unfortunately, class time cannot be extended for late arrivals. We strive to respect the schedules of all participants and maintain the integrity of the learning experience for everyone.

Our classes run for 2 hours, with a brief break included in the session.

Unfortunately, session packages cannot be shared between multiple parties or individuals.

Our levels are categorized based on age groups rather than skill levels.

We’re sorry, but adult classes are tailored for adult learners, and the presence of children may disrupt the learning environment. We offer separate classes specifically designed for children.

Sorry, parents can’t join children’s classes. This helps maintain a focused learning environment for everyone. Our teachers are trained to ensure your child has a great experience in class.

Yes, you may request a change in the time and day of your weekly class. However, this is subject to availability and must be arranged in advance.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us at: or 010-5557536.